VIVOO urine test strip

  • Vivoo Premium | Advanced Urine Test Strip with App | At Home Urine Test Strip for Keto Test, Calcium, Vitamin C, Proteins, Salinity, Hydration, and More

  • MEASURE 9 KEY WELLNESS PARAMETERS - Are you getting enough Vitamin C, Calcium, and Hydration for optimal wellbeing? How are your salinity levels? Are there signs of high protein in your urine? Vivoo 2.0's multiple parameters work together to give you accurate signals for tracking your wellbeing. Other tests only track one parameter while Vivoo tests 9!

  • EASY TO USE APP - No mailing in test samples to wait for results. In just 90 seconds, the free Vivoo App provides detailed information and easy to understand results about your wellbeing. Do you drink enough water? Is your urine acidic or alkaline? Which foods cause it to change and what does that mean for you?