Frequently Asked Questions

Yes for Naturopathy/Nutrition.

For Iridology, the child must be over the age of 3.5 (in order to sit still for photos).

However, for Osteopathy we prefer to refer out to colleagues who specialize in pediatric care.

We accept visa, mastercard, debit or cash

Yes, there is a parking lot and designated parking for our clients

No, we are located on group level

We do our best to ensure that you're actually paying less than stores

Yes, Insurance receipts are provided by each of our professionals (respective to the service they have provided)

Yes! Although it is preferred to have clients meet with our practitioners on site, we have adapted to be able to offer certain services through zoom.

We offer basic Naturopathy consultations, Nutrition coaching, and exercise programs through zoom. Iridology can also be offered through Zoom, however it is required to send photos by email first for approval. It is important that images be high quality and satisfactory to our Naturopath/Iridologists. We can provide instructions for the required images.

Virtual consults must be requested at the time of booking as they are not offered by default.