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Redmond Bentonite Clay (10 oz.)

Redmond Bentonite Clay (10 oz.)

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Redmond Clay is a pure, bentonite clay (also known as montmorillonite clay) that we mine ourselves, not too far from our salt mine near Redmond, Utah. Deposited many years ago as the ash of now-inactive volcanoes, it’s unique in that it contains both calcium and sodium (with twice as much calcium as sodium). It also includes a blend of natural, beneficial trace minerals. We gather it from the earth, crush it into powder, and put it in a jar or bucket without any additives, chemicals, preservatives, or other fillers.

You can use this ready-to-mix powder in your mud masks or other home recipes that call for bentonite clay. Our simple recipe for a facial mask is one part Redmond Clay to two parts water. Mix into a smooth, creamy paste, adding water as needed. The 10-ounce size is great for travel. 

Redmond Clay is a natural bentonite clay that’s been a skin-soothing staple in homes for generations. This mineral-rich clay is actually weathered volcanic ash from ancient volcanoes that were active near what is now Redmond, Utah.