Samantha Barile, ND - Lymphatic Drainage


This practitioner works from our Laval location exclusively (965 boul D’Auteuil)

Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage (60 mins) 
Description:manual work, wood therapy and cavitation machine
-reduces swelling
-reduces bloating
-improves metabolism
-reduce water retention
-improves blood circulation
-prevents cellulite
Wood Therapy Benefits:
-breaks down fat and fibrous cellulite
-loosens tight muscles (great for athletes)
-relives mental stress and tension
-accelerates blood circulation
Face Lymphatic Drainage (20 mins) 
Description: Face massage that uses softer and slower pumping movements
-drains toxins from your skin
-reduces puffiness
-improves circulation
-refines discoloration under the eyes
-manages breakouts
Prenatal Lymphatic Drainage (60 mins) 
-boosts immunity
-promotes immunity / keeps viruses away from body
-reduces water retention
-reduces swelling in limbs
-drains excess fluid (providing more comfort)
Radio Frequency Body Contouring (60 mins) 
-tightens loose skin
-reduces wrinkles
-improves skin tone
-promotes collagen production
*These services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. These services are not a substitute for medical care provided by your physician.