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Tāllow Tērra Whipped Tāllow Butter

Tāllow Tērra Whipped Tāllow Butter

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This local organic tallow contains antioxidants A, D, E and K fat soluble vitamins as well as phospholipids which help nourish the natural moisture barrier of the skin. Tallow composition resembles the one of human sebum - making it uniquely biocompatible with our skin. Its texture is velvety smooth, easily dispersed, non-greasy and non-comedogenic. It is suitable for all skin types - whether it be dry, oily, or acne prone, young or mature - tallow deserves a spot in your daily skincare regime. Tāllow Tērra whipped butter has multiple functions: it can be spread across the face or body, and can be particularly beneficial in cases of sunburns for reducing inflammation and redness.

Using the provided spatula, scoop out a pea sized amount. Distribute evenly by dotting across the face and rub the product in using the warmth of your fingers for enhanced absorption.

Gently exfoliate the skin once a week for optimal results using your preferred method.

Vanilla scent: Organic beef or lamb suet, jojoba oil, vanilla essential oil

Sandalwood-ginger scent: Organic beef or lamb suet, jojoba oil,  sandalwood essential oil, ginger essential oil